October 31, 2009

it's been 4 days since i wrote a post. lol. is blogging for me, i wonder? well, we'll find out ;) funny, i had a gazillion of ideas on what to write in this blog, and now that i finally get to sit in front of my laptop, the ideas seemed to have evaporated. gone like a flash. sigh. is this what 'writers' block' is supposed to be like? then maybe i'm not cut out to write...cos i have these blocks tooo often :(

anywho, i actually have a few followers to the blog now (thanks peeeeps! you guys rock!), and have no choice but to continue blogging. lol. can't disappoint the few followers i've got can i?

i'm not going to write much today as i'm dead tired, but enjoy the video..hope it'll make you smile like it made me:


  1. Hey, that happened to me as well! I wanted to write a blog for a very long time but when I finally get to sit and write, the sentences don't make sense or the thoughts are lost. I feel like I need to record myself and then sit it and type it up coz I think faster than I can type. lol.

    By the way, lovely ad. A beautiful message behind it. The lady (mother) looks like the lady in Heroes (mother of Sylar). What do you think?

  2. I absolutely loved the message. Sometimes we truly do forget the more intrinsic human part of ourselves.

    lol...and high five to the writer's block. It happens but insha'Allah it'll pass ;)

    thanks for your comment! and I love your blog layout too!