October 31, 2009

it's been 4 days since i wrote a post. lol. is blogging for me, i wonder? well, we'll find out ;) funny, i had a gazillion of ideas on what to write in this blog, and now that i finally get to sit in front of my laptop, the ideas seemed to have evaporated. gone like a flash. sigh. is this what 'writers' block' is supposed to be like? then maybe i'm not cut out to write...cos i have these blocks tooo often :(

anywho, i actually have a few followers to the blog now (thanks peeeeps! you guys rock!), and have no choice but to continue blogging. lol. can't disappoint the few followers i've got can i?

i'm not going to write much today as i'm dead tired, but enjoy the video..hope it'll make you smile like it made me:

October 27, 2009

Sweet 16

now before I start typing away too much, I'm NOT turning 16. Been there. Done that. lol. I'm not too sure what got me thinking about being 16 once again, but it's been bugging me since last night, so here goes.

Throughout my childhood, I sporadically hear my aunts talking about "oh how I wish I was 16 again!", and, being at a tender age of 10 or so, I thought they were mad. loco. insaneee. I mean, why would you want to be 16 again, which meant to my young mind, having to go to school. again. yuck. LOL. Oh boy, how one can change her mind! haha. So I guess what I'm saying is that I think I finally get it. umm, and actually agree with that crazy sentiment..being 16 again. Sweet 16. Carefree, no worries. I guess it comes to a point in everyone's life, when there comes this sudden realization..that the adult world is COMPLEX...with responsibilites, bills, work..and yeah, finally realising that the world isn't what as a child we thought it was. It's much more...well, colourful.. in the whole sense of the word. Things are not as straightforward as they seem...there are layers to everything...and as a 24-year-old in this mad mad world, I think I finally understand what my aunts before me have declared:

oh to be 16 again...sweet 16.

October 26, 2009

Photo of the Day [POTD]: 26/10/2009


A beginning

I'm quite perplexed on why it took me all this time to finally get my hands on a blog to type away my thoughts...you see, I'm one of those who like writing down stuff. So it boggles the mind, really, to why it's taken me years to finally sit down, set up a blog and type my heart out. lol. call it laziness. Personally, I'd rather call it procrastination (sounds better lol).

anywho, this is where I dump my personal views/thoughts on anything and everything..along with technical difficulties i'm bound to face maintaining this blog.